Facility billing and management software that organically stimulates Wellness markets

Start making transactions within minutes,

TransactWellness supports the day to day business needs of wellness facilities, equipping them with modern technological systems.  Our FacilityFlow platform, mobile apps, web widgets, and add-ons are a powerful set of straightforward tools. They quickly duplicate proven business models in your wellness facility of any size or type, and maximize the quality of your care.

Our #1 focus is flow.  We strive to witness a healthy flow of clients through every facility supported by one or more of our products. 
Our methodology is to unceasingly serve the wellness industry through our products, education, promotions, lead generation, and wellness marketing. 


Exciting new features are on the way for stimulating the flow of capital in the wellness markets of our customers.  For more detailed information on this, Read the CapitalFlow white paper




* Available for facilities in Colorado only

See White Paper for more detailed info

- Point of Sale

(Integrated, secure payments, by Stripe. Includes dashboard for reporting)

- Client Management

- Website Sales & Booking

- Recurring Memberships

- Client Waivers

(Practitioner availability and scheduling)

- Staff Management

- Service Locations

(Room availability and scheduling)

(Email or SMS)

- Appointment Reminders

- Intelligent Scheduling

(Automatically cross-references availability

of rooms, staff, and scheduled bookings)

FacilityFlow is a service that helps your business interface with your own customers.  Any size or type of facility can use FacilityFlow to run their entire business from front to back.  No features are ever disabled or marked only for premium use.


Local Client Lead Generation

TransactWellness may send full paying customers to your facility through our wellness stimulation initiative.  Subscribers of the CapitalFlow add-on will only be charged an add-on fee if TransactWellness brings them at least one client in a given month.


HIPAA Compliant Chart Notes

Program your own chart note macros and build client chart notes quickly and accurately with the touch of just a few buttons.  Limit copy / paste errors.

* Coming Soon, Late 2019

Advanced Reporting

Intuitive Facility Reports
View detailed financial and client projections.  Drill into usage data from your facility helps you make the best decisions for your business.  View market trends from other facilities in your area.

* Coming Soon, Late 2019


# of active Staff practitioners (or self-servicing rooms *)


per month


All FacilityFlow features included

Staff Management​ features

disabled with only 1 staff member


per month



Client Lead Generation

risk-free pricing

* Only pay CapitalFlow add-on price for months when at least one lead is provided

Additional verification is required to join

* A self servicing room is a room that doesn't require staff to perform a service
Examples:   A floatation therapy tank, or a robotic massage chair

Advertised prices subject to change, register your facility to lock in your price


Wellness facilities we serve.

Floatation (REST) Therapy




Martial Arts

Functional Health



Physical Therapy

Crossfit Boxes

Cycling Studios

Dance and Aerobics


Meditation Spaces

Personal / Fitness


Holistic Health Consulting


Elite Performance

Traveling Practitioners

Life Coaching

Social Work

Energy Work

PTSD / Anxiety
Disorder Rehabilitation

"Prescribing anti depressant drugs is too often a quick and easy substitute for developing treatment plans that address the totality of health concerns and lifestyle factors that have an impact on Wellness"

- Dr Andrew Weil


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