About Us

TransactWellness began as a commitment to help group fitness businesses improve their training experience.  As FitNerds, these products will be released as add-ons to FacilityFlow.  In 2016, the founders experienced multiple family health tragedies, and in all cases, we saw how better access to alternative wellness could have saved lives, or given a basic framework to a better quality of life while facing a health crisis.  

The current medical  funding industry underperforms as a mechanism for funding wellness.  The fact is that all of our medical results can be greatly improved when they are supplemented with regular wellness appointments.  When our loved ones experienced  a need for wellness to aid their healing hearts and diseased bodies, coverage was no where to be found., After this, we switched from a focus of fitness to overall human wellness, so that we can be there when it becomes real for others.

Some people practice wellness regularly because the idea of staying centered and effective is important to life and family matters.  Some have "no time" at all for it, in which case they should consider carving out some time in their future for sickness.  Others turn to alternative wellness en masse because the current system may have failed them in some way physically, financially, or spiritually.  At TransactWellness, we believe that these two systems of medicine can harmoniously coexist together for the betterment of all society.

We are committed to filling your wellness doors with real clients, and not just up-selling you more features.  We will never stop our efforts to educate and enable the public with quality wellness choices.  Once a supportive attitude for wellness is accepted by all, our society can truly live in harmony toward our highest ideals together.

We are located in Longmont, Colorado.