Growth and Contribution

Currently, there are no open positions for hire on the TransactWellness team.  That doesn't matter.  We are always looking for support from talented individuals with like minded passions.  If you would like to inquire about helping us out with your skills, please email  Also, check back here frequently for open job postings.

"Maybe all we are is a part of a star on a long journey. "

- Brendan James

We've met countless individuals seeking to improve their technological skills for a rewarding career in tech.  Many of the programs aimed at educating and preparing students for the tech industry fail to expose students to scenarios found in the wild on real software teams.  Our apprenticeship program is reserved for passionate individuals who are fed up with high tuition fees with little results.  As part of this program, while surrounded by experts, you will learn and be exposed to every role within a software development organization, and your code could potentially serve real customers from as early as day 1.  We've found that passionate experience in the field is more effective than studying technology in universities.

Technology Apprenticeships and Internships

If you are enrolled in a College or University, you may join this program for Internship credits for your given semester.  To inquire about eligibility for these programs, please tell us a little bit about yourself below.

Cyber Security Hall of Fame

At TransactWellness, we invite really smart people to help us expose any system vulnerabilities.  In this section, we recognize the excellence and persistence of certain individuals who have helped us identify security vulnerabilities.  To get your name on this list,  we invite you break something of ours in an ethical way,  and then report it to


TransactWellness recognizes:

 - Lav Kumar Vishwakarma