TransactWellness products are designed as a win – win - win for funders, wellness consumers, and wellness facilities.

All TransactWellness products are optional add-ons to our flagship product: FacilityFlow. FacilityFlow is our base product that allows a facility to sell memberships and exchange Service Tickets within their own network of clients. FacilityFlow is full-featured and will never turn off “faux-premium” features regardless of your facility’s size or capacity to pay us. In other words, our base tier kicks butt. Add-ons are optional and incur additional fees, but they are provided completely a-la-carte so that specifics can be enhanced for certain wellness niches. (for example: fitness tracking, member retention modules, facility device monitoring.  All of which are on the way).

The purpose of CapitalFlow is to increase the volume of holistic health and fitness visits for the betterment of all society. Patrons benefit from wider networks and funding support. Facilities benefit with affordable lead generation with little effort and full market rates. Philanthropic contributors get transparency into where and who their money ends up helping socially.

Pricing based off # of active Staff practitioners

(or self-servicing rooms)



This web browser software is intended to be used at the "front of house" and is flexible for most wellness operations.  Once enrolled, you may quickly automate sales, scheduling, billing, memberships, and also track your customers' experiences.  FacilityFlow allows you to sell "Service Tickets" to your client network that are redeemable for your services.  It allows for patron initiated appointment booking and digital transactions for your offerings through your website, not ours, and tracks the transaction flow, all along from purchase through fulfillment of services.  This product supports group class or solo appointment booking with practitioner and room scheduling.

per month


All FacilityFlow features included

Staff Management​ features

disabled with only 1 staff member

Point of Sale

FacilityFlow is flexible in its billing capabilities.  Manage the sale of goods or services, or both together.  Store customers payment sources easily.  Multiple appointment booking payment flows for clients increase the chances for a customer to have the appointment paid for prior to arrival.  FacilityFlow takes care of automating the annoyance of directly asking your customers for money. The transactions are secured by Stripe, the most user friendly service for accepting world currencies via credit cards.  With Stripe's Dashboard, your month over month financial reporting is detailed and intuitive.  You can begin charging credit cards within minutes of joining.  Transfers of your funds to your business bank account occur daily, with funds clearing by the next business day.

Store basic information about your clients.  The system will automatically track certain information over time for every client.  For example: no shows, missed payments on memberships, appointment cancellations, etc.  In our roadmap, there are 2 add-ons prioritized for development in the near future: 1) A configurable HIPPA compliant chart note add-on. and 2) A notification system with smart recognition of client behaviors for client retention.  This add-on would flag certain clients for needing attention based on appointment consistency.

Client Management

Website Sales

& Booking

Take control by selling products and services from your own website, NOT a splash page, but widgets on your own site!  Clients can purchase your services and even log in to view balance information when booking through your website.  Setup is simple like embedding a YouTube video by copying a few lines of code.  If you do not have a website, we host your own theme-able splash page for selling your services at a domain hosted by TransactWellness.  You can sell your memberships, punch cards, individual bookings, promotional sales, and eventually even product bundles.  All facilities will be able to receive bookings through the TransactWellness mobile app as well.

Set up membership offerings as packages that distribute your services to subscribers on a monthly or weekly basis.  These service balances can be configured to carry over to future timeframes, or expire.  With membership subscriptions, the wellness model thrives for the benefit of both facilities and clients.  Eventually, with free trials, your own promo discounts, and automated membership referral bonuses, these features become the backbone of your revenue streams.



Staff Management

Allows for clients to choose a practitioner while booking, but also requires that practitioners' availability on the schedule is considered.  Each staff has a schedule of recurring and one-time working hours, and a blurb that gets marketed through the booking flows.  The first phases to improve staff features involve a collective scheduling wizard making it easier for large teams to staff upcoming work hours.  Eventually staff time sheets, commissions, or wages could flow through the platform as well.  

The schedule is aware of the room capacity in your facility.  You can configure how the room affects service bookings, and how it should be blocked off when booked.  This gives you full control on running a center with either group classes, intimate appointments, or anything in between.

Service Locations

Appointment Reminders

The most simple feature of reminders can save a wellness center a lot of money by preventing no shows.  Appointment reminders can be configured for email or sms.  This feature also helps you enforce a no show policy.  By having automated reminders, clients have no excuse for being forgetful.

The schedule constantly observes the availability your rooms and staff practitioners.  When booking appointments and filtering searches, the calendar presents slots that fill all the available space.  When booking, clients can filter by room or practitioner, if your business policy allows for it.  When scheduling group classes, the calendar allows for recurring and non recurring instances while always guarding against overlaps.  Eventually, the schedule will be smart enough to configure multiple group settings in the same service location, for large gyms, etc.

Intelligent Scheduling

Client Waivers

Clients have many opportunities to sign your waiver before their first appointment.  The system allows for multiple waiver versions (in PDF form) and notifies clients for new signatures when a waiver is updated.  Each customer dashboard can easily display a history of their waiver signatures, should any disputes arise.  Eventually, FacilityFlow will automatically populate some of your business policies from the platform into your waivers.

Pricing based off # of active Staff practitioners

(or self-servicing rooms)



CapitalFlow is risk free for facilities.  If we don't bring you a lead, you get our premium support package for free.  No strings attached.  CapitalFlow is also priced without transaction fees for the benefit of all participants.  The following graphic best explains how it works, and the white paper provides the most detailed information about the service.



CapitalFlow add-on


* add-on fee waived if no leads provided in a month

per month

= $120

All FacilityFlow + CapitalFlow features included

Additional verification is required to join

* available only in Colorado for the consumer beta period

Premium support package

This is the fastest channel for reaching a real TransactWellness human if anything blocks your ability to do business.  Chat directly with our engineers at times.  Premium support customers get more say in the voting for new feature enhancements and can directly affect their personal needs being built next.  Our goal is to provide a quality response to any issue within 1 business hour, and give most issues an immediate response.

When you start, we will fast track your on-boarding process together until you are ready to open your doors.  This includes helping with data transfer from existing systems, and getting your services posted and looking great on your website together.  In some cases, premium customers actually drive the development of entirely new customizable website widgets. 

Private Website / Onboard Consultation

Client Lead Generation


   wellness network

3rd party "Service Tickets" are distributed through a multitude of ways.  We sell area network wellness memberships, corporate wellness programs, and charitable wellness initiatives, to name a few.  In addition, where applicable, we send out wellness education task forces to educate the public about the benefits of alternative wellness and enable people to try their first services for a discount.  These discounts are not given by the facilities or through deal sites, but instead are funded by government agencies and charity non profits.  This is the meat of CapitalFlow.  See the graphic above.

Every "Service Ticket" brought to you by the hands of a client came from somewhere, whether you sold it, we did, or someone donated all or a portion of it.  All of this information is available in the end to give your facility a "Social Impact Score".  You will be able to show the measurable social impact for all your efforts from your own website.  This is especially useful when you are seeking funding to expand your operations.

Social Impact Calculator

Staff Training

One complimentary staff training course is included.  This gives you an outline and video recordings for you to keep of how to use the FacilityFlow platform with your exact facility.  This is a great way to help with staff on-boarding and turnaround without having to spend too much of your valuable time.  Additional charges may apply for updated videos, or if your facility model changes from whence you began.