is one of the charitable stimulus programs in our CapitalFlow service 


Its registered as a separate non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing the industry of RESTherapy by administering the flow of donated funds from charitable or scientific donors to patrons, facilities, or clinical trials in need of funding.

"Utopia must spring inside the private bosom before it can flower in civic virtue, inner reforms leading naturally to outer ones."

- Paramahansa Yogananda


Donor contributions made here are deductible under Internal Revenue Code Section 170.  Proceeds are used for providing wellness services to high-trauma, underprivileged individuals in the United States.

Recent clinical trials carried out by Laureate Institute of Brain Research (LIBR) at University of Tulsa Oklahoma continue to receive compelling results for medium to high trauma cases using RESTherapy, a strong Epsom salt bath that induces a meditative state as measured by the presence of theta brain waves.  This state is induced via a deliberate reduction of the external senses that actually enhances “interception”, or our body’s sense to the internal state of itself. 

A frequent “Floating” practice has been shown to enhance our body’s ability to regulate heart rate variability, which is usually unregulated in patients who are reactionary due to trauma.  Thus, RESTherapy helps with any level of trauma, but works the most effectively and quickly for cases with high trauma.  Many veterans and other patients from high trauma have vastly improved their lives with a regular REST practice, and many have used it to wean off all previously administered medications.  The PurposePool seeks to help legitimize RESTherapy as a tool used along side common health care treatments to enhance the intentional results.

"Whereby the sensory tumult is stilled, permitting man to achieve an ever increasing identity with cosmic consciousness"

We support the industry of RESTherapy through its growth process.  TransactWellness PurposePool supplies qualifying PTSD patrons with RESTherapy Service Tickets that are valid for use at any of the Float Therapy Facilities who operate on FacilityFlow + CapitalFlow.

purposepool@transactwellness.com for more information.

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